Why Straight Girls Do Lesbian Porn

Lesbian sex videos are a separate, very popular category of hot sex movies. It is present on any porn website and is in demand among different kinds of online users. It is a mistake to believe that lesbian women only watch such porn. In fact, they do not. In reality, this video is the most popular among straight men and also straight women. Bisexual people may also like this porn, but the first two trends are the most widespread.

However, not all lesbian scenes actually feature real gay or even bisexuals. This is honest because sex movies are business, and porn actresses and actors, or as they are also called, sex models are employed not depending on their personal sexual preferences, but on their skills and what they are ready to do.

Not all porn actresses like anal sex in their private real life, and not all porn actors like gang bang in their private life, but since they are employed as actors, they do what the scenario tells them to do. Therefore, there is little surprise most lesbian sex scenes do not feature real gay, but straight girls. It must be mentioned, however, that many straight porn models prefer such sex scenes. Discover why.

Why Straight Choose Lesbian

Those straight lesbian scenes are not surprising. Many straight female porn models choose this role specialization for a list of reasons:

  • they do not feel they cheat on their husbands and boyfriends when they perform sex scenes with other women. Surprisingly, many men do not consider their women having sex with another woman as her cheating on him;
  • lesbian sex scenes are less violent and more female friendly. Many actresses do not want to perform gang bang or violent scenes, but casual sex episodes are not so profitable, so it is a better choice;
  • straight porn actresses feel it is easier for them to find connection with other female colleagues, in contrast to male colleagues. It is obvious that a woman can understand another woman easier than a man, even if he is an experienced porn star;

  • lesbian episodes are usually more aesthetically pleasant. Many online users of both sexes believe this sex looks attractive;
  • there is a chance the porn actress will really enjoy the scene, in contrast to sex episodes with male actors where all the attention is focused on the male porn model. This is a huge issue in the sex movies industry, because women feel underpaid;
  • it is easier to become noticed and more famous doing some outstanding lesbian scenes than heterosexual scenes, because the competition is a little bit smaller;  
  • such scenes can bring more money to the actress than straight sex scenes;
  • female porn actresses performing such scenes get more or less equal pay, in contrast to straight sex scenes where male models are usually paid more for the same time and scene;
  • some female actresses are indeed lesbian or bisexual somewhere deep inside, so they like to connect with this part of their nature at least while they are at work.

These are the main reasons why most lesbian scenes feature straight girls. However, this does not mean these scenes are not hot and sexy.

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