6 Things You Learn When You Make Lesbian Porn

Naked nymphs… Have you ever dreamed to be one of them? Same-sex female love is like a mystery, a glass of good wine. But if there is a science of love, what are the lessons? Here are six things for newbies in lesbian porn:

  • Start from kisses

One my female friend, who once worked as an animator at a nightclub, had an assignment to simulate love to another woman, Well, that is, naturally: she was charged with the duty to depict a lesbian passion in a cage before the public. I asked her if such a  theater provoked any desires in her, and she replied that yes, although it was just a dance. Then she kissed her partner in real life and start relations.

  • One time doesn’t mean anything

Another lady once really had sex with a woman. But this does not mean that she immediately went into the category lesbian or bisexual. “I haven’t had a man for a long time, more than a year,” she says. “And then I met a girl at work, started chatting in messenger, and dating after work as friends. And then it turned out that she loves girls. And then once on Friday, the end of the week, we went to her house, and there she laid her hand on my breast. Somehow we started kissing, she unzipped my blouse… In general, for the first time it was almost as exciting as with a man — you don’t know what to do, scary and curious. And then I had the feeling something is missing. And I understood: no matter how skillful a tongue may be, it will not replace the male penis. Now I know for sure. “

  • This can be only the first step to a threesome

“My ex-wife turned out to be bisexual and insistently demanded her girlfriend in the family bed,” one lawyer confessed. He resisted (I imagine how most of you now consider him an idiot!) until the divorce. But this is a very rare exception! The only one known case among my many friends and acquaintances. However, his former special one married again with a man who had to say more liberal views on family sex.  

  • Start from a classic position

One partner lies on her back, with pillows under the upper part of it. The second one is on the knees between her legs, one hand pays attention to the clitoris, the other hand can be used for other parts of the body. Difficulty level: 1 on a five-point scale.

  • On the edge

The most passionate way of lovemaking is this position.  For this pose you will need the soft edge of a sofa, armchair, or bed. The back of one partner placed on it, her legs rest on the floor. Another female partner rests her knee on the edge of the bed, hands on the palm of the partner. The angle of the leg distance will allow her to effectively rub the clit on the pubis of the lower actor.

  • Use a sex toy!

Use vibrator or dildo for better and deeper feelings and exciting experience. Visit sex shops as often as you can. So practice lesbian porn and enjoy!

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