8 Lies Porn Needs To Stop Telling About Lesbian Sex

Despite the video stereotypes, the majority of lesbians are universal in sex, adapt to each other. They appreciate emotional component as well as foreplay, and not just a mechanical act itself. A variety of poses does not mean that girls use them every day. Simply, diversity guarantees greater comfort. No fear of pregnancy allows being more sophisticated and liberated. However, what do we see in porn movies and assume about lesbian sex? Here are an adult industry eight lies on the subject and we can’t be silent anymore.

  1. Every woman at least once in her life has experienced the lesbian love

No! You can poll more than 20 girlfriends. One way or another, no one from them has gone further than kisses. So if to consider this a lesbian experience, then, of course, all females are a sort of this.

  1. Women know better how to please each other

Yes, women are tenderer. But who said that all they need tenderness? There are many beauties who like rough sex. Ladies know what gives them maximum pleasure. If not men, it doesn’t mean that they prefer a female partner. Maybe masturbation is quite a better option?

  1. To make love with each other – top priority

The artistic nature of a woman sometimes causes them to break a comedy, portraying lesbians to attract the attention of men. Some males understand this pretty well. In fact, deep inside some girls don’t need all these crimpings with each other. But, knowing what effect it has on potential boyfriends or sugar daddies, they will attract attention to themselves in this way.

  1. Threesome sex: “two girls – one boy”

Some ladies don’t accept such type of coupling at all and categorically rejects it. And the above combination, not an issue at all. If we they have fantasies about a threesome, then this is not 100% the mentioned option. And just the opposite. But this is a topic for a separate material. For now, we hope we have managed to dispel the top myth of porn content producers.

  1. Chicks do not want to try with men

It is not true. They want, even very much. Maybe lesbo love is a result of a broken heart, failed marriage. Do you know that some grooms can postpone own wedding in the last minute? Sorry, darling, but I am not ready blah-blah-blah. This is trauma and nobody wants to confess about this.  

  1. Excitement happens spontaneously

Not always. Sometimes it is a deliberate decision over the years – to get this experience.

  1. All they need is coupling

Often female partners value in each other precisely spiritual world. They start dating because of common love of literature, art, sports, travel or books.

  1. She is always perfectly groomed

Among lesbians, there are a lot of women with unshaven legs, gray hair, who do not use makeup and they have neither skirts nor lace underwear. Often these women can be very rude, so what?

After all, you are an adult person. Don’t believe lies about lesbian sex!

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