11 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Lesbian Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

Read 11 secret tips about lesbian sex:

  1. Same-sex love can also be sensual and sincere, although many don’t believe in this. Preparing for a meeting, women do makeup, put on the best lingerie and shaved pussy. Lovemaking between them turns out very gentle, with kisses, and confessions. They do not need men.
  2. The most common sex goes when one female put another on her back, under her thighs, having previously placed a small pillow: the longer her neck will go, the longer the treatment will last.
  3. For more pleasure, girls should spread her legs wide, but at the same time keep them stretched. The labia will be slightly open, thanks to the legs apart. For really good cunnilingus her partner uses both hands to gently spread them as wide as possible.
  4. The clitoris is, literally, a bunch of nerves. Unlike the nerves of the tooth, it gives explosive feelings. She starts intercourse licking up and down along the slit of the vulva.
  5. The beauty of lesbian love lies in the fact that none of the partners do not have to worry about strength os erection.
  6. To prevent her from coming too quickly, a female partner a break from clitoris and start working with her tongue around the entrance to the vagina, penetrating deeper and deeper with each turn.
  7. “69” is really good. Two people usually happy to try the “sixty-nine” (jack) for mutual excitement and pleasure.
  8. It does not matter how strongly men admire one or another part of the female anatomy, ultimately they all are interested in the vagina. For lesbian sex these are breasts. The reason for this, perhaps, is the instinct, originating from the relationship between mothers and daughters – which is more developed in lesbians than in other women. But physician claim that even heterosexual women, in general, are much more interested in the breast than it’s believed.
  9. Some women who do not want to “play to the full program” with another woman, often satisfy themselves with only boobs petting of the lover, using the masturbation to finish the intercourse. A huge number of ladies who are absolutely “straight” and do not want physical contact with another madam often have something like a breast fetish. They may never touch another woman’s bosom, but they dream of it and even excite themselves with similar thoughts, making love to men.
  10. Tribbing. This is the simplest and most primitive of all forms of lesbian practice; partners take the usual missionary position and rub their clits together, achieving a simultaneous (if possible) orgasm.
  11. “Scissors” is a gem of #10. Imagine that you have scissors in both hands, the blades of which are spread apart as wide as possible. Now bring the scissors together so that the intersection of the sharp edges coincides. A lot of true passion!

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